“Our baby has been learning to hold her own bottle, amazing. We love it!”

“I’ve been watching my 6 month old niece while taking care of my own newborn and i can see this being helpful for when I’m nursing my little one and my niece starts crying for a bottle.”

“I’ve been using this Lil Helpers™ with my 8 month old girl and its amazing. We went through a week where she would not let me feed her. She wanted to do everything on her own. Picking up food from the tray, taking her own pacifier, etc. But the bottle was still too heavy and awkward for her to hold. So with the assistance of the Lil Helpers™, she was able to feed herself. I love that she is able to gain her independence, while acquiring manual dexterity. Good job Lil Helpers™!”

“As a mom to a preemie, I keep in touch with preemie moms and heard a recent rave about a baby bottle holder that worked wonders for her little one who had some motor skill issues. I am also big into empowering children and this amazing product has handles and grips that go way beyond a bottle to give a baby an ultimate holder. This is a solid piece of material that is also BPA Free!”

“This is a pretty useful little tool, I know sometimes I need help when nobody else is around, like while driving…I don’t want to have to stop and feed a baby while I’m out on the road. Sometimes you just can’t feed baby before you have to drive somewhere so this definitely helps out!”

“This is awesome! I have one baby now and am due with my next in 4 days. My children will be exactly one year apart. Lil Helpers™ really make all of our lives much more enjoyable.”

1-855-254-5435 (1-855-a Lil Helper)
Lil Helpers bottle holder for on the go parents with twins and growing families Lil Helpers bottle holder for on the go parents with twins and growing families TM


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Lil Helpers™ is here to make families lives hassle-free with a product that eases the woes of daily nursing and feeding.

1-855-254-5435 (1-855-a Lil Helper)